Animals of the World Flip and Draw Coloring Book for Mudpuppy


Flip and Draw Cover

I recently received samples of a delightful project I enjoyed working on last year — the Animals of the World Flip and Draw coloring book for Mudpuppy. I’ve always adored Mudpuppy’s product line (and that of their sister company Galison) which is full of cute, colorful, and imaginative books, puzzles, journals, notecards and lots of other beautiful paper goods. So imagine my excitement when I was contacted by art director Emily Kleinman to work on one of their coloring books!

This is a flip-and-draw book, meaning that the pages are split into three parts, and you can mix and match the pieces to create unusual new animals never before seen in the wild. I loved these kinds of books as a kid, so it was a dream assignment to work on one, not to mention the fact that the theme is “animals of the world” which meant drawing lots of my favorite animals! The cover is shown above, which features a koala-zebra hybrid animal. Inside, there are ten different animals, which can be treated as a whole critter…

Flip and Draw Inside 1

Or you can mix and match to create fantastical creatures like this moose-penguin combo…

Flip and Draw Inside 2

Or how about a zebra-alligator-penguin?

Flip and Draw Inside 3

Or a a Foxoosigator (that’s a fox-moose-alligator if you didn’t know).

Flip and Draw Inside 4

The pages are a nice thick card stock to make it easier for little hands to work with, and there are five blank pages in the back for kids to add in their own animal drawings. You can visit the Mudpuppy page about it here, and order it directly from them (it retails for $8.99). Or you may find it in your local toy store or bookstore, as Mudpuppy products are carried by lots of great retailers.

A big thank you again to Emily Kleinman and the folks at Mudpuppy for the opportunity! (I’ll have another product I worked on for Mudpuppy to share soon, once it goes live and I have a sample!) 

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  1. Katie says:

    Just ordered some! How cool!

  2. Liz Meister says:

    Love this, Anni Betts! Still waiting for your book.

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