Breathe Like a Bear: brand new Mindfulness Cards!

Box of new Breathe Like a Bear mindfulness deck.

There is a new member of the Breathe Like a Bear world — a mindfulness card deck! It’s the same popular exercises from Breathe Like a Bear and Peaceful Like a Panda (written by the amazing, multi-talented Kira Willey) that everyone knows and loves, in a handy card deck format. There are 50 cards in all, which includes four new exercises that were created just for this deck. 

Cards from the Breathe Like a Bear mindfulness deck.

I had a lovely time getting to illustrate new cards for this deck, as it’s been a while since I worked on individual exercises from the mind of Kira. It’s hard to pick my favorite of these new ones — I loved drawing a glowing moon above a peaceful countryside home for Moonlight, and also had fun creating a pink, red and orange roller coaster car for Roller Coaster. I especially enjoyed coming up with what to put on the card Really Good Day — what would count as a really good day to most kids? I landed on a day spent outside, playing games with friends in the sunshine, under a glorious rainbow. It’s certainly my idea of a really good day! And who doesn’t love a proud little tiger radiating stars?

Each card has an illustration on the front, and Kira’s wonderful, clear text for each exercise on the back. And physically these cards are great. They’re printed on sturdy card with a subtle texture to help with wear and tear and make them easy to grip, and they’re packaged in a lovely box with a satisfying velcro dot closure. I love how these cards are organized into five categories, with a colorful tab for each category at the top of the card for quick identification. I can see how lots of kids would enjoy using cards like these to pick an exercise at random, carry around a few faves on the go, or fan out all of the cards in a category to choose whichever one speaks to them. The designers at Clarkson Potter who put this together did a great job!

If you know someone who would love a deck like this, they’re available at super bookstores around the US, as well as on Amazon US here and Amazon UK here . Thanks as always for reading, and I hope you have a really good day!

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