More Hand-Lettered Snarkiness: Everything is the Worst from Workman Publishing

If you liked the idea of the “It’s Just Not Your Day” calendar that I illustrated a couple of phrases for and posted about in October, then you may also like this latest book from the same good people at Workman Publishing, entitled Everything is the Worst: A Book for People Who Just Can’t. It’s a cute little square volume full of more decoratively-lettered sarcastic sentiments, illustrated in a style more often seen paired with cheerful motivational quotes. The two pieces I illustrated for the calendar are included, and I also hand-lettered two new phrases for the book, “Not Feelin’ It” above, and “It’s like, Why”:

These are accompanied by lots of other phrases and quotes illustrated by several illustrators and hand-letterers. The cover is below, and what you can’t see in this picture is that there’s a lot of fun gold foil in the lettering, which helps to make this a great little gift book for your favorite exasperated coworker, fed-up friend or frustrated family member. If you’re interested you can buy it on Amazon in the US here, Amazon UK here. Thanks for reading!

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