Llama Nation 2021: Another year of llamas!

Today is the release date for Llama Nation 2021, my latest 16-month calendar published by Rock Point which is full of another year of crazy colorful llamas! I had such a fun time thinking up new llama-centric illustrations to include, with a few new llama puns and a lot of bright color palettes and hand-lettering. The team at Rock Point/Quarto was fabulous to work with as always, and I really enjoyed the whole process of creating this calendar. Here are some of my favorite llamas from the calendar: 

Because this is a 16-month calendar, it starts with a four-month page including September to December 2020, so it comes into effect soon! If you know anyone who loves llamas or if you’re just in the market for a calendar, you can order it on Amazon US here and Amazon in the UK here, among other online and bricks-and-mortar locations.

In other news, I apologize for the big gap in blog posts! The pandemic lockdown was a very busy and interesting time for all of us, and for me it was the combination of two toddlers at home and a BIG book project to finish that made every day jam-packed from morning till night. Despite being totally exhausted, there were so many wonderful moments, like daily long walks discovering beautiful spots we never knew were so near, inventing silly indoor games to keep everyone occupied, and watching our Sabrina go from a bum-scootcher to a full-fledged walker all while we were there to see every step. Unfortunately it didn’t leave time for anything extra like blog posts! Now that my kids are back at nursery and the big book project is wrapped on my end, I have time to work normal hours and get back to things like this post and future ones. I’m sure there will be more interruptions on the horizon as we all move through this unusual time, but I hope everyone stays healthy and safe, and that the world can see an end to this pandemic sooner rather than later. Thanks as always for reading, and be well!

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