NEW Alphabet Animal prints! G – H – I!

Hello there! As 2020 winds down, I finally find myself with a bit of time available to spend on the personal illustration projects I’ve been wanting to work on for AGES. First on my to-do list is my series of Alphabet Animals, which I started waaay back in 2014 (I can’t believe it’s been so long!!). Up until now I had only made it through F, but my goal is to knock out the entire rest of the alphabet pretty quickly. It’s interesting to me that these took me a bit longer to do back when I started them, but in the interim six years I have gotten so much faster and more adept at the whole process and now they are easy-peasy. I’m also bringing to the process the insight that having two kids has given me — I have a much better sense now of what animals and things kids would know or care about, and that’s helped me pick these 26 animals and their objects.

And now, the illustrations! We have G is for Giraffe with a Guitar, H is for Hula-Hooping Hippo, and I is for Iguana eating Ice Cream!

They’re all available on my Etsy shop in a brand-new section dedicated to the Alphimals, and all in three frame-friendly sizes. Check them out! And stay tuned for the rest of the alphabet to follow!

Have a great November, and stay safe!

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