Love Makes the World Go Round

Typographic art of the words Love Love Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! I do *love* the day of love, partly because life is so wonderful when it’s full of love, and partly because I love pink and red together and any opportunity to surround myself with this color combo! I recently did this little typographic doodle, inspired by Valentine’s Day and the Beatles, and using several of my favorite colors all together. It was also a chance to mess around with a new way of creating my pictures, which makes use of my ipad and is so much fun to do. It brings the doodling aspect back to my illustrations, which really is the reason I got into illustrating in the first place — I love to sit there and get lost doodling colorful details all over a picture. So I say to you, All You Need is Love, and I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! (PS This is also available as a print in my Etsy Shop, if you like it and want it to bring a bit of color and energy to your walls!)

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