Greeting Card Roundup

Happy New Year! To kick off 2014, I’m excited to share the entire collection of greeting cards that I created for A Smyth Co., all of which are now printed and ready to be sold in a card boutique near you! I received my samples of the cards and I am just thrilled with them. The colors are bright, the printing is great, and I even love the design of the card backs and how they come with color-coordinated envelopes. My cards are part of a whole line of fun, colorful cards from A Smyth Co., many of which have hilarious messages and adorable graphics. I’m so happy to be part of such a great ensemble!

Images of all of the cards are included below. Many hours were logged on these cards, and I had a blast working on them. Big thanks again to Amy and John Smyth for giving me the opportunity to draw countless bears, dogs, mice, hippos, tigers, badgers, elephants, many more familiar animals and a few made-up ones, not to mention several hats, musical instruments, wheeled conveyances, and lots of hand-drawn type. I hope lots of awesome card shops, boutiques and other cool retailers snatch these up soon (if you are interested in ordering, please visit the A Smyth Co website)!AnniBetts_Card_Roundup_6






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  1. Mel says:

    These look fantastic! Your hard work definitely paid off!

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