Listen Like an Elephant Board Book for Rodale/Random House

Hello and Happy Holidays! We’re speeding towards 2020, but before we get there I wanted to squeeze in one last post about the second of the Mindfulness Moments board books I’ve been working on for Rodale/Random House. This one is called Listen Like an Elephant, and was written by the very talented Kira Willey. It came out in October and I’m excited to tell you about it!

Similar to the Breathe Like a Bear board book I shared in my last post, this one expands on one of the exercises that was in the original Breathe Like a Bear book and turns it into a story for the youngest readers that incorporates a mindfulness practice. The story is all about Elephant who has very big ears, the better to hear with! She listens to her jungle animal friends… 

even when they’re far away. 

She listens to things up high and down low, and things up close and in the distance. 

She listens to all sorts of sounds, 

her animal friends listen too, 

and throughout the book readers are encouraged to listen to all the sounds around them and to take a long breath in and let it all the way out, designed to help little ones learn to focus.

Once again it was wonderful to work on one of Kira Willey’s lovely texts, and to be working with art director Jan Gerardi at Random House who is always so nice and easy to work with. I had such fun drawing all of the various jungle animals, especially the title character as she’s a very colorful, patterned elephant! If you’re interested in picking up a copy of the book (stocking stuffer for your little one?) it’s on Amazon US here and Amazon UK here, and on sale in bookstores throughout the US. 

Thanks as always for reading, and I wish you a very happy new year!

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