New Owl Print on Etsy!


Wise Owl: print for sale

I just added this owl print to my Etsy shop! I know it’s a little late to be getting on the owl bandwagon, but I thought, why not! They’re fun to draw, and so many people love the feathered little guys. I actually consider myself somewhat of an expert on owl items, because when I was growing up my mom was a big collector of owls. She had a shelf full of all different sorts of owls, as well as a custom-made owl chess set. The real piece de résistance was our bathroom, which was wallpapered with a very cool owl print. It was like the walls were covered in all different black and white owls, which would stare at you as you went about your, ahem, business. Some of my friends were a little unnerved by the owls initially, but sooner or later they got used to it, and eventually instead of saying “I’m going to the bathroom” we would just say “I’m going to visit the owls!” So you can see, owls were a very important part of my upbringing, and I’m excited to have a fun, colorful owl print to add to my Etsy shop! I hope you enjoy it!

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