The Stress Less Teacher Planner for Scholastic

Here’s a fun project I illustrated for Scholastic that is now for sale and will soon be useful for all the teachers out there: it’s the Stress Less Teacher Planner! It’s a handy monthly calendar and organizer that’s designed to help teachers be less stressed, something we could all use in our jobs for sure. Each month has an illustrated tabbed divider with a message or exercise that reminds you to be calm, let go of stress and take a deep breath mentally. Some help you focus on the good things about your year, and some remind you not to work too late or encourage you to go ahead and say “no” if you want to. It was a fun one to work on because it combined lots of hand lettering with my usual animal characters, and I also illustrated the month headers and motifs that appear on the scheduling pages. Here are a few of the tab pages:

 If you’re a teacher looking for a planner, or you want to get a planner for a teacher you know, it’s for sale on Amazon in the US here. And if you ARE a teacher reading this, I hope you’re enjoying your summer!

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