Narwhal Nation 2019: An all-narwhal calendar!

The cover of Narwhal Nation 2019

The latest project I have to share with you is an all-narwhal calendar I illustrated for 2019, published by Rock Point/Quarto publishing. That’s right — all narwhals, all year! It’s called Narwhal Nation, and it’s perfect for anyone who is a fan of the “unicorn of the sea.” 


It’s a 16-month calendar (starting with September 2018) featuring 13 illustrated narwhals that each include a hand-lettered motto. The messages are whimsical and uplifting, encouraging us to all be as unique and individual as these quirky sea creatures. It was such a fun job to think up 13 different ways to illustrate narwhals, and I especially enjoyed picking out fun color palettes for each one. I tried to get a mix of groups of narwhals, single ones, close-ups and illustrations that brought in other design elements. My client Rage Kindelsperger was so lovely to work with and she gets the credit for dreaming up the phrases used for each month. I’m including some of my favorite images from the calendar here.

If you love narwhals and would like to pick up a copy, you can buy it on Amazon US or Amazon UK, as well as from other vendors of calendars. Thanks as always for reading, and remember, you are as unique as a narwhal!

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  1. Callie says:

    Been wishing for another Narwhal Nation calendar! This is my class theme and your 2019 calendar was perfect for us. Hope you’re inspired to create a new one!

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