Hooray for Llamas!


Hooray Llama: print for sale

I just added this llama print to my Etsy shop! It’s the latest in my series of animals with fun phrases. I knew I wanted to draw a llama, because they’re funny looking and fluffy and who doesn’t love a llama? I sketched out this prancing guy one day, and I just had to make him into a print. For a while I struggled with what wording to put with him. Yo Llama? Llama Llove? I even had some very interesting suggestions from friends over happy hour one day. Finally, I settled on a simple, celebratory “Hooray!” and I think it fits this llama’s attitude pretty well. I hope this llama brightens up your Friday! (Can I say “llama” one more time? Llama! There, I did it.)

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