Brand New Coloring Rolls for Mudpuppy

Two new coloring rolls for Mudpuppy!

A while back I illustrated a very fun flip & draw coloring book for the company Mudpuppy, which I wrote about here. Since then I’ve illustrated two more great products for them, which I’m excited to share! They’re a brand-new format for Mudpuppy — coloring rolls, which are a long piece of coloring paper rolled up and tucked into a box, and they even come with their own crayons!

The two designs are Animals of the World, in which creatures from different habitats around the world cavort, and Under the Sea, which features lots of underwater critters floating through the ocean. Animals of the World comes in a full-size version, which is ten feet long, and in a mini roll, which is a scaled-down version and is 30 inches long. Under the Sea just comes in the mini version for now.

The full-size Animals roll and the mini Under the Sea roll

A section of Animals of the World

A section of Under the Sea

If you’re interested in getting your hands on these, you can buy them directly from Mudpuppy’s website (here for the full-size Animals, here for the mini, and here for Under the Sea) or from Amazon (here for the full-size Animals, here for the mini, and here for Under the Sea). They are also sold in fine independent toy stores, stationers, and bookshops around the U.S.

The Under the Sea roll ready to be colored!

I had a super time working with art director Emily Kleinman to draw all of these animals and plants in black and white, ready to be colored in by creative little hands. There’s something fun about a long scroll-like piece of paper for coloring on. I fondly remember drawing and coloring on some when I was a kid, and it always felt more special than regular old sheets of paper. And the extra bonus is more than one colorer can work on the scroll at once, which makes it perfect for whole families to get in on the fun! I hope these entertain coloring fans of all ages, and thanks as always for reading!

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