Shimmies for Kitties

Shimmies for Kitties poster

I just had the opportunity to work on a project that was both super fun and for a good cause, and to make it even better my client was my delightful cousin, Lisa. Lisa is better known in some circles as Khalisah — you see, she’s a quite talented belly dancer, teaching classes and performing in shows and wearing some of the most amazing, sparkly costumes (I’m so jealous!). She’s organized an upcoming belly dance show that will benefit Cat Welfare in Ohio, a shelter for cats and kitten in need of adoption, and she asked me to illustrate and design the poster. There’s nothing I like better than an opportunity to draw a belly dancing cat, AND I love the name of the show — Shimmies for Kitties. The final poster is shown here, and if you’re in the Columbus, OH area on July 11, you should definitely go — not only will you be helping out some kitties, but Lisa and her belly dance friends will put on an amazing show!

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