New print series: Alphabet Animals

I’m excited to tell you about a new series of prints I’ll be selling in my Etsy shop, Alphabet Animals! The first four in the series are now available as prints in three different sizes — 5×7″, 8×10″ and 11×14″. The smallest size is perfect if you want to frame a series of them all together to decorate a nursery or kids’ room, while the biggest size is great as a stand-alone poster.

Each illustration in the series will feature a fun, colorful animal along with an object or activity that starts with the same letter, accompanied by a decorative, bold, hand-illustrated letter. For A, it’s an alligator playing the accordion! B features a buffalo (or he could be a bison depending on what part of the world you’re from!) riding a bicycle. C is a fluffy fat cat wearing a golden crown, and D is a flame-colored dragon clutching a big, sparkly diamond.

I really enjoyed creating these illustrations in a brighter, more kid-friendly style, with lots of colorful line work and a bit more of a painterly texture than I sometimes use. I’ll be working with the same color palette across the whole series, so that they will always coordinate with one another. Each letter in the alphabet is planned out, so watch this space as more pictures in the series become available. I think these would make the perfect baby gift, either grouped together for an alphabet-themed nursery, or as a gift for a child whose name starts with each letter. I’ll also be offering bundles on groups of letters, as well as a special deal on the entire alphabet, once I get them all finished!

Thanks for reading, and I hope these colorful animals brightened your day!

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