Animal prints M, N and O!

The latest three prints in my Alphabet Animals series are now live on Etsy! (Each of these images will link you to the Etsy listing.) We have M is for Monkey with a Map (I like to think this is a map leading him to a really awesome treasure…treasure chest full of bananas perhaps?):

And for N it’s N is for Narwhal with a Net. I was inspired by the way my kids love bringing nets to the seaside – or the river bank – to catch tiny creatures and have a look at them (before sending them back to the water, of course!):

And lastly there’s O is for Octopus Juggling Oranges! Not sure where an octopus gets so many oranges, but I guess they need their vitamin C too.

As always it’s been fun illustrating these critters and especially picking out the color palettes for each one. It’s great to finally be more than halfway through the alphabet! They’re all available in several frame-ready sizes, and printed on nice thick uncoated archival paper with archival inks, so they’ll last on the walls for years. Stay tuned for the rest coming soon, and thanks as always for reading!

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