Need a last-minute gift? How about a Little Sparkly Sticker Book?

Cover image courtesy of Usborne

Merry almost Christmas! If you’re like me and are still ordering last-minute gifts on Amazon and thanking your lucky starts for one-day shipping, I have the perfect gift suggestion for any little ones on your list who like glitter (or adults who love sparkles?) — it’s the Little Sparkly Sticker Book, published by Usborne and illustrated by me! In the mad dash to the end of the year and all its deadlines, I hadn’t realized that this one had already come out! But it’s in print and on the shelves (virtual and real) and could be yours in time for Christmas if you hurry (at least here in the UK). Here’s a link to it on Amazon UK and here’s the link for Amazon US.

This one was so much fun to illustrate. We’ve got fairies, unicorns, dragons, tropical fish, flamingos and more — what could be more fun than that?? I illustrated the spreads, and then some elements were made into stickers which are in the back of the book, some of which have sparkly foil elements added so it’s super glittery! Here’s a video that shows someone paging through the book, which gives a really good idea of what it looks like.

Here are some of the spreads, in their whole form (it looks like Usborne might have made a few alterations for the actual book, but here’s how they looked when I sent the files over to them)…

I think some kiddos out there would have a lot of fun sticking all of these glittery critters onto these pages, I know I can’t wait to share it with my two little ones when they’re old enough to like this kind of thing! And now it’s back to finishing up work before Christmas and saving enough time for ALL the wrapping that will happen Christmas Eve (and our traditional Christmas Eve fondue!), so I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, and a happy happy New Year!

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