Happy Thanksgiving!


Publix Reusable Bag: Thanksgiving

In honor of it being the day before Thanksgiving, I’d like to share a fun assignment I had this year that is Thanksgiving themed! It’s a reusable grocery bag for Publix grocery stores, featuring their signature pilgrim characters. These pudgy little pilgrims are a perennial favorite for the Publix stores, and they appear as salt and pepper shakers and on other decorative Thanksgiving items. They even have a bit of a cult following!

Earlier this year Publix contacted me to illustrate a reusable bag featuring the pilgrims surrounded by other autumnal motifs. It was super fun to work on with talented art director Jesse Larson, and a good challenge since I had to work in a limited number of colors for silkscreening. I don’t have a sample of the actual bag to show you, and from a little online sleuthing it seems the final product was a more cropped-in version of this art, but even so I’m going to share the original design here. For those of you in the South, you could probably pick one of these up at your local Publix store! I hope these pilgrims help you feel the cozy Thanksgiving spirit, and enjoy your Turkey Day, everyone!

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