Food Hoods: London — Calling all foodies!

Today I’m sharing not a completed project, but an exciting project yet to be! If you’ve read past entries on my blog, you may have seen a project I worked on a year or so ago for a pair of identical twins. First I worked with one brother, James, to illustrate animals for his wedding invitations. Then I heard from his twin, Tom, who commissioned a unique map charting the bride and groom’s international relationship story as a wedding gift from the whole family. Well the creativity of this family doesn’t end there, and now I am in touch with a third brother from this talented family about an interesting project!

This third brother’s name is Will, he lives in London, and like me he is a fan of the diverse and seemingly endless world of amazing food to be found in his city. He has a great idea to create an illustrated map of London highlighting all of the best spots for food and drink to be found throughout the city, something to not only guide the hungry and thirsty, but to be a fun, visually attractive guide as well. It will be called Food Hoods, and could be the first in a long line of illustrated foodie city guides. The fact that it would be illustrated is where I would come in!

Will’s mission is to raise enough funding on Kickstarter to make the map a reality, and if he does I will get to work with him on this super fun project! If a beautiful illustrated map of the food and drink delights of London sounds like something you would like to support, then I encourage you to kick in on Kickstarter, here. There are different levels you can pledge, each one giving you copies of the map and various numbers of votes for for your favorite foodie spots, so you’ll actually be involved in the creation of the map itself, AND you’ll receive the final product. I’m wishing Will good luck, and I hope the project reaches its goal so I can soon share the final product with you!

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  1. Katie Ryan says:

    Thats amazing! I hope this happens and then I can test it out!

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