Animals for your feet — my Pals Socks Artist Series is live!

This is one of the most awesome projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on — illustrating mismatched animal socks for the wonderful Pals sock company! There is something so exciting about seeing my very own drawings made into fun wearables for kids, and what better article of clothing than socks! (If you know me, you may know I love a good patterned, colorful sock; you can never have too many.)

To give you a little bit of background, Pals socks are the brainchild of the very creative (and super wonderful-to-work-with) Hannah Lavon, who started the company originally with the idea of mismatched animal mittens. After realizing that socks would be season-less and just as fun to make, she made the switch to footwear and Pals were born. The concept behind the socks is to make a pair out of two animals who would normally not necessarily get along, and show that we can all be pals!

When Hannah decided to start releasing artist-designed collections for Pals, I was so honored to be the first one to collaborate on them. They were a blast to illustrate! It was a really neat challenge to figure out how to translate my animals into socks, and because the socks are for kids I had free reign to use lots of energetic color combos.

The designs I created are fox and bunny, turtle and frog, monkey and giraffe, owl and mouse, snail and hedgehog, and wolf and sheep. The socks are available in two sizes, toddler and kid, and all of them have non-slip grippies on the bottoms which, as a mom, I can REALLY appreciate. They’re available on the Pals website here for $11 a pair, and they do also ship internationally! All of the socks are made in China, by sweatshop-free manufacturers paying fair wages and using environmentally-friendly practices (you can read more about that on Pals’ FAQ page here). I will be receiving my own shipment of all of the designs soon, and I can’t wait to put them on Emmett’s fat little feet!

Hannah also posted a little interview with yours truly on the Pals blog, which you can check out here. Thanks so much for reading, and if you get some Pals socks for your own little ones’ feet, I hope they enjoy wearing them! And thanks again to Hannah for the wonderful opportunity.

All photos courtesy of Pals.

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