Peaceful Like a Panda

Peaceful Like a Panda, written by Kira Willey and published by Rodale Kids, is the companion and follow-up to the very popular Breathe Like a Bear. It’s full of 30 mindfulness exercises for kids (or anyone!) to learn to focus, relax, get energized and calm down, which are organized into chapters based on the time of day or activities that a child might be doing. There are practices for playtime, mealtime, bedtime and more, each tailored to help kids find the right frame of mind for each situation. As with all of the other Kira Willey books I have illustrated, this one is full of whimsical animals and nature, in bright, happy colors.

Available on Amazon US here and Amazon UK here.

The title Pandas, eating and relaxing
Sun breath, one of my favorites from the book
Good Morning, Body! from the Rise and Shine chapter
The chapter opener for Play Time
Flamingo breath, where we practice standing tall like a flamingo
How’s the Weather, where kids think about their mood
Ha Ha Hyena, which teaches a breathing technique
Where’s It From? encouraging mindfulness about where our food comes from
The chapter opener for Good Night
Good Night Worries, which helps kids put their worries to rest so they can rest, too
Sleepy Mouse, helping readers get sleepy