Hot Cocoa Calm

Hot Cocoa Calm is the fourth in the series of Mondfulness Moments board books, written by Kira Willey and published by Rodale Kids. It tells the story of a little fox drinking hot cocoa with her forest friends on a chilly day. As the fox takes a deep breath and blows on her hot cocoa to cool it down, she’s teaching the important skill of using breath to relax, create calm, and feel good. 

Available on Amazon US here, and Amazon UK here.

Fox sets off for the forest on a chilly day
Fox meets her friends in the forest — it’s a hot cocoa party!
Fox blows on her hot cocoa, with marshmallows of course!
All the animals blow on their cocoa!
A BIG closeup on the delicious cup of hot cocoa
Everyone takes a sip
Fox and her friends feel calm and cozy