Bunny Breaths

Bunny Breaths, Rodale Kids

Bunny Breaths is the third Mindfulness Moments board book written by Kira Willey and published by Rodale Kids. It tells the story of a bunny looking for a tasty snack, encouraging the littlest readers to practice a mindfulness breathing technique based on the sniff-sniff-sniffing of a bunny. I enjoyed illustrating this one in the pastel shades of sunrise, which also makes it an ideal Easter book for little ones.

Available on Amazon US here and Amazon UK here.

Bunny wakes up and peeks out of her tree house
The sun is rising and Bunny’s friends are also waking up
Bunny’s friends all practice sitting up tall like her
Bunny makes bunny paws and sniff-sniff-sniffs
Bunny finds what she’s been looking for – a tasty carrot!
Bunny hops away, ready for her day