Breathe Like a Bear

Breathe Like a Bear, written by Kira Willey, published by Rodale Kids

Breathe Like a Bear, written by Kira Willey and published by Rodale Kids, is a book of 30 mindfulness exercises for kids that has found a wide audience among children’s mindfulness and yoga practitioners, teachers, home schoolers, children and parents alike. Divided into five different moods (Be Calm, Focus, Imagine, Make Some Energy and Relax), the exercises encourage children’s imaginations while teaching important skills that aid learning, happiness and play.

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Be a Bumblebee, teaching a buzzy breathing technique
Hot Soup, a breathing technique that makes you hungry, too
Shoulder Rolls, demonstrated here by a purple gorilla
Chapter opener for Imagine
Flower Breath, where we smell an imaginary flower
Snake Breath, where we sssssound like sssssnakes
Rainstorm, making all the sounds of a thuderstorm with our hands