I just finished working on a really fun and unique project for a new entity called the Public Media Platform. The PMP is a collaborative digital content-sharing system that was just started and that will allow all the different public media outlets (so, PBS, NPR, Public Radio International, etc) to share content for the web and mobile apps. It’s a great advancement that will mean better access to all the awesome stories, videos, audio files and text that these public media folks produce.

Since I’m a huge PBS and NPR fan, it was really exciting to be asked to work on an illustration that promotes the PMP and explains what it does, all in one colorful visual! I worked with the very smart and talented Kristin Calhoun, who is the executive director of the PMP, and together we figured out the best way to say what the PMP does, in picture form. The end result is above. It was fun imagining a sort of “PMP machine,” gathering and bringing together all the different content, going through the PMP and delivering it to the consuming public! A big thanks to Kristin for the opportunity and for being so great to work with!