About Me

AnniBetts_PhotoI’m professional illustrator Anni Betts. I create vibrant, cheerful drawings for books, magazines, advertising, greeting cards, and more. I love making the world a more colorful place, and specialize in drawing animals, plants, people, and lettering.

Originally from Illinois, I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts with highest honors from the University of Illinois in 1998, with a concentration in graphic design. After eight years as a designer in Chicago, I made the leap to my first love, illustration, and I’ve never looked back. I believe my background in design makes me a stronger illustrator, with a deep understanding of composition, an appreciation for how illustration fits into the larger picture (pun intended!), and a solemn respect for deadlines.

Now I live in the United Kingdom, in the beautiful and historic city of Durham, England. I work from my cozy home office, pausing now and then to appreciate the view that can be had from my window of rolling hills and fluffy sheep. When I’m not illustrating, I take every opportunity to explore the UK and Europe with my archaeologist husband Kamal and our adorable dog Logan. I also enjoy reading, entertaining, cooking and sewing my own colorful clothes.